Is this the end of NATO ?

then once thats gone , work on getting rid of the UN .

1. WW1 strictly a political war that killed off a generation .
2. We have abused it for a long time now , obligating other countries to go to OUR wars . It was meant for Europe only in its beginning .
3. As far as Russia goes , we are still heavily propagandized , its not the Soviet Union anymore . They are still a powerful country , yes , but they are a shadow of what they once were . We tend to give them more credit for ” abilities ” because of propaganda than they are due . They have modernized to a degree , but they are not spending 70% of their GDP on the military like in Soviet times . If this were not so , they would have already annexed Eastern Ukraine openly , and utterly destroyed the Ukrainian military . Politically , they are not the same nation either , Putin is not the old style Soviet Dictator . We need to question things more in general about what we are being told about everything . Just Sayin .
4. War needs to be on a case by case basis , not the first response like we have been doing . We didnt have or need NATO to win WW2 . just sayin .

Trade with all , ally with none .
Thomas Jefferson .