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Essential for all homes but especially an apartment is a solid fire extinguisher for your own and neighbor’s unexpected fires. Also, have a pole, cane, walking stick near the windows to break them out if need be, as well as solid locks dead bolt because of the traffic that in and out of apartment buildings and you want to slow down anyone from breaking in. Be sure your peep hole works and a rope ladder that can offer you a chance to leave out the window if there’s a fire. Third floor apartments are more often the target of a break in than first and second floors because the crook has the advantage to turn around and start walking downstairs if he/she hears someone coming up the steps. Keep a small go bag near the front or rear exit so if needed there it is in a hurry. If you want to keep the neighbors below you “on the cool side/happy” try walking around indoors only in your slippers, flip-flops or socks. They might have less complaints to toss your way. It sucks to have neighbors that smoke and their toxic exhaust comes your way, that goes for laundry soaps too.