Freedom, it feels like everything we were worried about is happening. Since Mandela got sick and died the National Television has been going on and on about how white people attacked black people From Shaka Zoeloe all the way to throwing Mandela in jail ( for planting bombs and killing civilians) And apparently we ( 5 million) are still the reason the masses ( 60 million) are poor and without electricity… 20 years later

Two years ago we were working together especially in tourism industry. But today people speak their mind – the hate simply flow without shame.
Like this coloured actress that hate white people with a passion taking on a white singer that mentioned white farmers being murdered by black people during robberies.
Vinette Ebrahim “ Well, how does it feel Sunette Bridges to be wearing the shoe that my people wore for so long? How does it feel to be the downtrodden minority? How does it feel to be in fear for your life on a daily basis? How does it feel to be a second class citizen in the land of your birth? The only difference here is that you will never see freedom as you knew it again. You have made it impossible for yourself and those like you. Racists. Face the fact, “baasskap” has disappeared never to be re-emerge again. You are an opportunist and a fearmonger and you exploit the undereducated Afrikaner. You and Steve Hofmeyr. Your little boeremag enclave is exactly that…little. But I will be watching you with keen interest because I believe that you are a parasite with an agenda.”

So Precious Roy – I think the coloured people go both ways- same defend the blacks and hate the whites and the other way around. Most of the coloured people live in the Cape Province. Their preferred weapon is a knife. Something they are fairly good at too.
I know many white people getting along with Coloured people, being friends. White people adopting coloured children. White people in South Africa are very used to other cultures and are less racist than many many other nations. In my work, I work with mostly white but also Indian and coloured clients. During swimming lessons I talk to Indian, Chinese, Nigerian, Congolese, Zimbabwean parents. Strangely enough … the Zulu, Xhosa Venda (indigenous tribes do not send their children for swimming lessons …Well not my area) I am fairly sure some of the parents has got no work and might be dealing with drugs, but I try not to judge in this point of time. They arrive in their expensive vehicles and speak English or French. Their children attend our “white” schools.
Indian and Chinese really stick to their own culture here in South Africa. In SHTF Indian will stick to white people, I think. Chinese look down on white and black people. Spanish ( Northen Cape) will stick to the white people.
Today I spoke to American, Russian and Ukrainian parents! We were discussing the electricity and water situation and which way to get out of the city – what will be needed the most. Our biggest concern getting to our children if they are not with us…and knowing when it is time to leave.
Black people do like setting things including people on fire (http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/call-to-restore-order-in-majakaneng-1.1814411#.VNaTFOaUfTo February 6 Protesters barricaded roads with tyres, trees and stones, and prevented children from going to school and commuters from going to work.
They torched the library, economic hub, maternity clinic, home affairs offices and mayor Sylvia Thebenare’s house.
Gauteng’s co-operative governance and human settlements MEC Jacob Mamabolo blamed the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for the protest.The EFF denied this and blamed the African National Congress.””– so yes Freedom &and 74. Houses are up for sale..We need to get ready to leave. HKGK (Hier kom groot kak)- That is Afrikaans for SHTF .. only difference is we haven’t got electricity for the fan :)