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Leopard(and anyone else who wants to chime in),

I just had a thought based on what I’ve heard about what society used to be like there. What about the “colored” people, not the blacks, but the “mulattos” that are half white half black. I heard that they had a different level of privilege between whites and blacks, they were allowed to join the armed forces for example. I would imagine if the blacks hate whites, they might not accept half whites any better. Did they all take sides, where they relegated to one side for one reason or another regardless of their personal opinions? If racial tensions are high it seems like they’d be as we say “between a rock and a hard place.” There are many here in the US and while I haven’t heard anyone talk about it, its something they’re going to have to deal with if things split off between those lines which appears to be what TPTB are trying to make happen. So far most people on both “sides” are smart enough not to fall for it. Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.