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Thanks for the electrical advice. Where my concern was coming from was the former owner of my home (who was not the owner when the house was built) fancied himself an electrician and I know he did a couple really stupid things, but I have no way of knowing what residual stupid things he did that might still be here. One example was he put an indoor outlet at ground level out in the flower beds surrounding the gazebo. I don’t know what it’s purpose was being the gazebo itself had outlets. In conjunction with our renovations, we had Master Electricians replace many outlets that were loose plus replace all of the exterior outlets, and of course they removed that ground level indoor outlet in the flower beds. Close to 100% of the interior and exterior light fixtures were replaced as were all of the appliances except the double oven. A new laundry room was constructed so that was all new wiring. All of the bathroom exhaust fans were replaced. Additional outlets and lights were added in the basement and garage and one of the electrical boxes was replaced with a larger one when the heat pumps were added. All that said, the walls are full of wires going back to the original construction in 1978 & 1987. I don’t know what year it was but the folks who had this place two owners ago would have had some wiring redone in conjunction with the kitchen being rebuilt after a fire. My understanding is that it was grease in the exhaust vent that ignited.