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Bless you tweva and your group/community for helping these people. It reminds us all that there is good in this world. For anyone burning wood, the chimneys need to be cleaned every year. Another important thing is making sure you get the temp up to the “burn zone”. Too low a temp results in creosote build up. Those little stove thermometers give you a good visual in this regard. Only burn seasoned wood, and avoid soft woods like pine, again to minimize creosote buildup. Tile lined chimneys need to be inspected because the tiles can crack over time putting you at risk of a fire. When we bought our present house the inspection surfaced that the tiles were cracked. The sellers had to pay for a new metal liner to be installed at a cost of several thousand dollars.

Of course here I sit talking about fire safety after yesterday’s discussion about gasoline storage……

Stay warm tweva. This morning was the coldest of this winter yet….minus 18, but a front with some snow has already brought it up into single digits above zero in just a few hours. I need to bring wood in today but I’m holding out until it gets into the teens this afternoon. Getting soft in my old age I suppose.