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I will admit that some of the accidental deaths and suicides of bankers look to be murders instead but my understanding is that they have been guys in mid-hierarchy of the banking/financial world as opposed to being in the Executive Suites. If mid-hierarchy people were in fact being taken out, to me that would be indicative of them knowing something that puts the Executive Suite gang at risk. If external parties wanted to be hitting the banking elite, I’d think they’d be going after the guys at the very top.

If these guys really are committing suicide because (as some speculate) they think it is all going to fall apart, it doesn’t make sense to me that they’d off themselves before it really did fall apart. There were a lot of suicides during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. and they were after people lost everything, not before. A great grandfather of mine who was solidly middle class jumped off a rooftop in the city after he lost his job during the depression, Given the stigma of suicide, my grandmother’s way of saving face was saying he was drunk and fell off. I shouldn’t find humor in him being portrayed as your classic Irish drunk, but I do in a way. Anyway, his death certificate says suicide, and it was after he lost his job, not pre-emptively.