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Yes, dogs gone wild forming packs will be a big problem just about anywhere. But as I said, the wildlife in FL gives me the heebie geebies. Some years ago I had the misfortune of inheriting a building lot in Lehigh Acres over by Ft. Myers on the Gulf Coast. I tried giving it away to a non-profit for them to sell but they wouldn’t take it so I sold it myself. Anyway, I was down there and went to see my land. It proved to be a very lucky day for some guy with the same name as me, but from NH. I get to my lot and it had just been bulldozed for a house to be built. The trees/plants hadn’t even wilted yet. Seems the contractor got the go ahead to build the house and pulled the lot #/location from a computerized system without noticing there were in fact three people owning property in Lehigh with the exact same name. I called the County officials to stop it before it went any further and when I asked about the damage to my property, the answer I got was that the contractor did me a favor, that the County wouldn’t send their people onto the property until it was cleared on account of the snakes. I rest my case.