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Part of what the Miami Police were doing with the military was in fact what it looked like, training for civil unrest. Another part as has already been noted is conditioning the general populace. In my former town I was part of the emergency planning group. In fact I still go down every year to help with their flu clinic. What does a flu shot clinic have to do with emergency planning and conditioning the public you say? A lot. Basically this group of volunteers from several towns that cooperate on a number of fronts have learned how to work with each other and within a command and control structure so that we’re more ready to come together in a real emergency. Giving out flu shots is just a mechanism to practice. The local police are at every event not because we need them for anything but because we want the public to be used to the police being present at public health events. Were there to be a real pandemic, likely with vaccine shortages, there will be people panicking and not wanting to follow the dispensing protocols. Then we’ll need the police helping to maintain order. but it will go more smoothly if the public is already used to a police presence at all vaccine distribution or other public health events. As an aside, we pioneered using a drive through vaccine distribution format which come a real emergency will reduce disease transmission by reducing contact between people. Over a several year period we’ve perfected the methodology.