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I’m interested in getting opinions here. I have a large 3 car garage with a storage room above it. It is detached from the house by about 30′ but with a covered walkway between the house &garage. Two bays have our vehicles. The 3rd bay has all of the yard equipment, canoe etc stuff. It is not insulated or finished off in any way and only has a barnboard exterior which allows plenty of “breathing” so to speak. It is not a tight structure in which fumes would accumulate.

I keep a dozen 5 gallon containers of gasoline, two downstairs by the mowers and ten upstairs. I use a rotation system to cycle through it, using 2 to 3 gallons every time I mow, and then multiple tankfulls (the big mower holds 5 gallons) when I take up leaves in the fall, so I do cycle through this in less than a season. I then put Stabil in each container for the winter. I also keep a half dozen small gas grill type propane tanks in the garage, a couple downstairs and the rest upstairs. Butted up against the back of the garage I have two 100 gallon propane tanks that feed the cooking range in the kitchen and the propane heating stove in the back half of the house. I also store up to 10 cords of wood behind the garage, there being an open sided shed of sorts coming off the back of the garage, basically a roof to keep snow off the woodpile and propane tanks. About a hundred feet or so behind the garage and maybe 150′ from the house I have a greenhouse/potting shed structure (16’X16′) that doesn’t have anything hazardous stored, only gardening supplies.

Should I not be doing what I’m doing?