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sledjockey, I think you are right, the problem is how do we prepare for this? How do we fight back when it happens that is the question that we all need to get ready for.

For this to happen here in South Florida it will be hard since 90% of the 10+ million that live in South Florida live in homes, that is a lot of homes they will have to go door to door. If they try this the word would get out before they even get to 10 to 20% of the homes. They will find many fighting back since that would start an civil unrest, many will not comply with this unlawful act. Also they would have to do all the country all at the same time, ham radios and even word of mouth will travel fast.

I do think you are right that there end game is to try this as they really do not have any other way out in an economical collapse that can’t be stopped.