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Rule #23… Taxes and political correctness are tools of governmental control.

What that means in this instance (semantics and labeling groups with certain instances) is quite simple. Years ago people who “prepped” were almost exclusively those that were older and had lived through the Depression. As time rolled on and smaller, more regional things happened people started to “prepare” for possible crisis. Now that people are starting to see “preparation” as more main stream, there had to be a term for that ideology: enter the word “prepper.”

Here in the US, the government found that criminalizing people with this mindset wasn’t good for business: Ruby Ridge, Freemen, etc. This meant that ridicule and labeling them as “whack jobs” was the next best approach. Since they are “mentally ill” in the eyes of the government, it is also easier to install regulations that will restrict their ability to prepare and give them a way to stop this “threat” without as much blood shed.

Those that they can’t label as “mentally ill” they label as “domestic terrorists.” Either way, it is all related to my Rule #23.

When shopping for additonal “items” the other day I was really surprised to find that MANY other people had been purchasing similar items. The guy behind the counter knew EXACTLY what I was doing, even though I had a great cover story. He went so far as to “finger – air quotes” a lot of what I was using as my cover story. It was actually quite awkward in all honesty. This helped me to ponder the same question I posed here: Are people waking up and understanding what is taking place in the world around them?