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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>Lonewolf, people are prepping for those things because they are what happens.

And here’s the thing, that’s “gateway” prepping.<br>
Much like gateway drugs, once someone gets started on the path, if they have any real inclination, they will eventually expand their preps.

Go ahead, worry about supervolcanoes, economic crashes and other black swan events. They don’t happen everyday whereas unemployment does.

What if the bigger picture is that one still needs to live and enjoy life.

I don’t understand it, I call unemployment, illness and bad weather “normal life”, I and many others have survived these many, many times and long before I ever heard the word “prepper”(I’d heard of survivalist but “prepper” was a new one).

British Survivalist.