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It probably isn’t a very smart way to go about gardening but when I start a new garden (such as I am this year), I will plant a bunch of things (including things I don’t normally eat) and then sit back to see what does well. Sort of learning through trial and error. I don’t over think it or fret when something doesn’t work. Of course this is a luxury that I can afford right now because I am not dependent upon the yield from the garden. Hopefully I have it all figured out before we come to a SHTF event. I hope the various fruiting trees and shrubs I’ve planted these past couple years are bearing fruit before then too. I also experiment a little with canning various foods, not worrying whether I like the end result or not but rather just learning the processes. For example, a couple years ago I took my recipe for making sweet pickles and applied it to yellow squash and green peppers. Why? Because I need to do something with the excess and all my plans assume no electricity which means freezing things is not on my list of options. I now know I can can yellow squash and green peppers. Last summer I ran an experiment with my new greenhouse, using passive means to exhaust excess heat (in support of my no electricity premise) and learned it got too hot. This year a shade cloth will go on it and we’ll see how that goes. Something I am going to do this year for the 1st time is save seeds and then plant them next year just to prove to myself that I can do it. If they don’t germinate next year I’ll know I did something wrong. For me at least, this is how I learn.