Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Honestly, whatever weapon system you operate, especially in this tighter economy, run with it. The key, in my opinion, is using something that has a common round. Here where I’m at, many people are hunters, or outdoor enthusiasts, so we have a lot of hunting style calibres, but that also means we have a lot of .308 and .223, which are popular hunting rounds. So any “military style” rifle that first either of those is a good bet for my area ( I like .308, takes moose much better than .223, plus the extra punch at a longer distance is great).

But, like I said, if you’ve got a 10/22 as your rifle, and you don’t have much money coming in, then by all means run with that until you can upgrade, but don’t go out and spend all your money on a firearm, while you have no food/medical supplies. It may not have the stopping power of an M1 Garand, but if you train with it, you can be fast an accurate, and that, in my opinion, outweighs the stopping power.

Back on the topic of limited funds, if you DO have some sort of rifle already, then next you should get either a pistol or shotgun, at least in my thinking of it. Pistol because it’s easier to conceal should that be something you need, and a shotgun because, well, it’s one of the most versatile platforms there is, with a huuuuge amount of different rounds you can use. Plus it’s great for defending your home, hunting, and you can shout “THIS IS MY BOOM STICK” once and a while when you’re at the range practising with it lol.

Also, to end off, as I stated in another thread, if you have a group of like minded people, make sure that, of you can, have the same set up, or as close to it as possible (ESPECIALLY ammunition commonality). Hope it helps.


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