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Fair enough, Nariyna and Lonewolf, but, for whatever it is worth, I have been fortunate to meet three people away from the forum now, and all three of them were legitimate. They vary drastically in the amount/value of their resources and in their modes of plans, but all three are people whom I take seriously.
Having said that, I should admit that I was quite selective in who I responded to, so the odds were a little bit more in my favour from the outset.
Anyway, I am thrilled to have met them, and don’t feel quite so alone in this hectic period in South Africa.
Would be pleased if I could meet another dozen guys of similar quality.
(To any South Africans reading this, I am in Gangsters’ Paradise, and am one of those who is convinced by SvR’s (if you don’t know who that is, Bing/Google “Siener” and Suidlanders) prediction that the safest region in the impending civil war will be the region to which the SLs are headed, namely between S’dam and Plett. My own BOL is a few kilometres eastwards, simply because… well, it just is).