Euell Gibbons books are still sought after by hard core foragers. As a kid he kept his family fed through the depression on scrounged food.

Christopher Nyerges is another worth looking into,

Few if any of us will be facing a similar situation to that faced by Selco, thanks in part to our locations but also different mindsets and cultures.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years, information and training is much more available, people like Selco and FerFAL put forth information, stories and people are listening. Some even learning.

Much will/may depend on where you are, cities are fine currently for the urban scroungers, but that’s with just a handful doing so. When it’s everybody? Resources will be tight.

The majority of us can only have nightmares about having empty bellies for days on end. Can’t wrap our heads around not being able to pull a pizza out of the freezer when we want.