Mr. Red
Mr. Red

You get to choose what you share on the internet, what you tell as truth, or if you lie about certain things. Regardless, the .gov and anyone with computer prowess can find you, unless you too are of the high scale knowledge in the computer/internet world.

But as far as “I’m a prepper and I said something on an internet forum, the black helicopters are gonna swoop in and door kickers are gonna abduct me!!! HAAALP ME!” goes, we’re NOT living in some Tom Clancy (RIP) novel, nor is this a movie, or Afghanistan.

Is that to say that the .gov or someone hired by such WOUDLN’T come a’knockin for you? No. But it wouldn’t be just because you are a member of a website. Honestly, if they wanted you, it’d mean you’re up to something illegal (and, going out on a limb here, but I can’t see Selco and those who run this site would condone illegal activities, at least in a world where we still have laws).

But as I said, you choose what you say or don’t say. OPSEC is as tight or loose as you want it to be.

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