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Thank you all so very much. I guess I asked too broad of a question. The plot I have is fairly large. I’d say 100 feet X 100 feet. The soil turns over very easily and looks to be quite nutrient rich. As I stated, my grandfather used to have a garden in this very same place, but that was several years ago. His garden was quite impressive.

I went yesterday and tilled the soil for the second time, just to get it good and broken up. I also added some of my compost material directly to the soil, then tilled it under. I hope that’s correct. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing. Running the tiller itself has been a learning experience. At first my rows looked like waves rather than straight lines. HA!

My grandfather used to dump all sorts of pesticides on his garden. I honestly think that is why he got cancer. I want to control pests, weeds and fertilize organically. I know grasshoppers are horrible out there in the summer months so that’s probably enemy number one. Birds, rabbits and deer are likely enemies two, three and four. I plan to hook up an electric fence with a solar panel to keep the four legged animals out and have been pondering the use of netting materials for the birds but that’s going to be quite the undertaking as I have personally seen okra plants grown in this garden to 9 feet tall.

I guess what I’m looking for is some confirmation that I am starting out correctly. I have broken the ground with rows left to right. Added some compost material. Then re tilled it in a cross hatch pattern to ensure the ground is well broken and loose. I plan to till one or two more times before forming planting rows and seeding for the various plants come spring time. One side of the garden, the soil is still not quite broken up enough for my liking.