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I’ve muddled over the stories told yesterday by freedom and carpedebass. I haven’t had any experiences like that nor have most people in the places I have lived. In the 30 years I lived in my former community in small town Western, MA I never knew anyone who had been robbed or assaulted or had an encounter of this nature. In my 5 years here in VT I haven’t even heard of a robbery or assault type crime in my town, let alone know someone who was a victim. I am sure many people in small town and rural areas across the country might say similar things. Come a SHTF collapse type scenario, “safe” areas such as I describe are not going to be mentally ready for bad people doing bad things, or newly desperate good people doing bad things. In making my decision to leave MA, I more or less knew this, but also knew that the rate of gun ownership was really low in MA, and that the gangbanger criminal element coming out of the cities looking for resources were going to have easy pickings for a while. I don’t for sure but of the 11 homes on my former street, my guess is that only me and a hunter across the street had guns. Part of my reasoning in moving where I did was that it put a lot more miles between me and the urban areas of MA and that though my new community would have little to no experience with crime, almost every household would be armed. There likely would be easy pickings early on because experience has made people not suspicious of strangers and not security minded, but upon the awakening all would be armed at least. In unarmed places like MA (and most likely States like CT. NJ, MD, and the Metro parts of NY, upon the awakening they’ll still be unarmed.