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My first reaction was to go with the very very stupid option Leopard put forth but Whirlibird may be on to something. China needs resources badly, especially agricultural lands. They cannot feed their population now and their decades of corruption and no pollution control has irreparably damaged their environment…..land, water, and air. Desertification through over use of water supplies is a big problem in China. Over the past decade or two a culture of corrupt governments in Africa has allowed China to buy huge inroads into African land and resources already. The Chinese very much look down upon black people and it will not matter to them how many die in their conquest. The whites in SA, though a small minority population-wise, still control a major share of economic power in SA. A failing electrical infrastructure will drive many white South Africans out, which in turn will reduce their influence. No matter the platitudes and high profile charitable efforts, history has shown that the world cares little for black Africa. One need only look at the world looking the other way during the Rwandan genocide. China knows this. Were the grid to fail, and the economy then fail in turn, I could see China coming to the rescue offering to build a new grid. The corrupt SA govt. either won’t realize the price they’ll pay for that new grid, or perhaps they won’t care if their own pockets have been sufficiently lined. If SA suffered a population decline during the chaotic rebuilding period, all the better for China’s purposes. This or they’re very very stupid as Leopard suggested.