Some information about the Solar farms – the farm in Pofadder been run by Spanish company
“KaXu Solar One, a 100MW parabolic trough plant near Pofadder in Northern Cape and which derives its name from the San expression for a wide expanse of sky. The power station will have a storage capacity of three hours and use molten salt to store heat energy.
In the parabolic trough system, the sun’s energy is concentrated by parabolically curved, trough-shaped reflectors onto a receiver pipe running along the focal line of the curved surface. This energy heats oil flowing through the pipe, and the heat energy is then used to convert water to steam and generate electricity in a conventional steam generator. Of the 36 operational CSP power stations worldwide, 23 are parabolic troughs.”

http://www.sastela.org/services.html There is no logical explanation why the whole grid should crash.
But – being Africa, they will be able to break it.
But what do they have to gain by destroying the economy? – I know that a very evil force are trying very hard to hit South Africa’s economy to the ground. Either evil or very very stupid