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Well I live in a house in the city, Coral Gables, Florida so even when it is cold it is hot. I am growing tomatoes, a mix of lettuce which grow very well from Dec to April here. Also have potatoes growing too which I do every year. The problem with tomatoes is the bugs so they are a little work. You need to keep an eye on them. I have not tried cantaloupes but I have seen others grow them here. The cantaloupes take a lot of space to grow.

I have grown spinach and sweet peppers the red, yellow and green ones. They grown well when it is colder again same time table Dec to April.

Summer and all year long I grow banana trees here, papayas, and fruit trees.

On the lettuce the seeds are small and really do not need to do much to plant them just put them on the grown and water them, they will grow. I grow 300 to 400 every year.

I need to try to grow onions, tried one year but they died, maybe were I planted them was to hot.