First I’ll say that Conn is a smoldering ember that people need to be very careful of. The whole situation could go very wrong very quick.

Too many people are calling for revolution without considering the effects, and that’s both sides.
With much of the nation facing a continuing drought, food production effected by .gov rules, economic woes being felt by all levels, except those in office obviously, we are already hitting the point of no return for many.

What will the catalyst be, obamacare? The 2nd amendment attacks, financial ruin by those who seem to be pushing the collapse?

There is no good answer for everyone, to some the line has been crossed but they are unwilling to be the first to act. Would you want to be the person who got it wrong and is suddenly a murderer and executed a decade early?

As to the police, most places the ratio of LE to public is 1:1000. Think about that number closely, the police are recognizable, we see them daily in uniform and out, in grocery stores, at ball games with their families, and they know it.

Most police support private ownership of firearms, even recommending it. Even the Feds for the most part want no part of any confiscation scheme, it’s moonbats like Feinstein and Biden that don’t grasp the bigger picture. They are the ones that pass laws that no one reads and are unconstitutional and immoral. They are the ones we have to be afraid of.

Your rank and file cop will walk out the door with his gear and just keep going if a confiscation order is given, first because he doesn’t want to die. Secondly, as soon as that order is given, every cop good or bad becomes a target, whether or not they are involved.

Rightly or wrongly. I don’t see people lining up on Breed’s Hill again for any number of reasons, the least of which is that technology has changed the way that all future conflicts will be played out.

At the end of the day, only more questions. If I were to hazard a guess, anything that starts here in the US will be .gov initiated. Be it 2A related, water rights ( a local hotspot right now) or the economy, is largely inconsequential for our purposes, but the effects will be ugly for all.