Tonight electricity were off for many hours in Cape. Mpumalanga , Johannesburg. Do not know where else. I did not have cell phone reception. Could at least use ham radio. We will try to inform each other from now on electricity status in our area. ( Probebly the only way we will figure out that the grid has collapsed completely.)
I gave people working on a huge pothole in front of my house some solar lights to use. I’ve put three lights on the wall. When the full moon was high enough to shine above the trees, they could really finish the work. They asked a lot of questions – like where do you get your electricity from? Why is only your lights working. I had to explain how solar works.

When they left I had mixed feelings. The hole ,eating away the road, was almost fixed up. They wil put gravel tomorrow and the day after tar. (Two by 6 meters wide!) I want to help people, teach them, but saw the empty water bottles I gave them lying next to the raod.. I must learn to keep quiet. They will remember my house now.

I promised three friends to help them buy the right stuff to get off the grid. It took at lot of paper and calculations.. How much to add a fridge? It helps to simply take a photo of all the equipments electricity usage before you leave your house.

My water tank is full. Vehicle petrol tank is full. But need to get going on clients still oweing money… economy really beginning to hit hard