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OK. Does anyone see the repetitive nature of this discussion? We are going back and forth with what ifs and such. Of course we are…we don’t really have enough information to make a decision. But here’s the point I want to make next…we live in the information age right now. In a grid down scenario or SHTF event, we will likely have no more information than we do now. Probably less…and yet our decision will have to be instantaneous.

Sure we’ll know a little more about what we have and who is with us as well as details about what is going on right around us, but that’s it. We may not even know why we’re in the situation we’re in at the time. So taking for granted there will be information enough to base a decision upon is a foolish assumption.

Here’s the thing. Make a decision and stick with it. No what ifs…no “could be.” I think we are going to have to get used to making decisions in the blink of an eye. The results of those decisions could well be life or death. But make a decision and act upon it. As to the number of people you have, what if the SHTF now? How many are in your group? That’s how many people you have.