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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>I read the piece about Mongol bows and how the pull weights were from 100lb to 166lb. I could believe a lot may have been around 100 but not 166. It’s not reasonable to assume super strength to just one group of humans. Every group had warriors and labors developing strength at young ages. So where are these guys now, why aren’t the decendents winning the Olympics every event?

lightweight crossbow pulls start around 150 pounds. Use two hand pull. I’ve seen a lot of guys strong enough to do it with one hand. It takes me two hands. When you get up into the 225 pound range up to 275 pounds most people use cocking devices. Its just generally accepted all our gadgets have made humans in general weaker over time. We don’t build Viking forts and Rhine castles by hand & back these days. Even the Mongols lost their ice age muscles eventually. From Conan to Brady in the 75,000 years since Toba. Must be an improvement. Science thinks so.