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One problem I see is in your own group will everyone agree to take in a child or will they shoot everything that moves since they have been shot at by many and feel that everything that moves needs to be killed, no questions asked.

Good answer. And that is a great question. It is also a question I do not have an answer to at this point. Initially, I would think we’d have to trust whomever makes the call to “shoot first.” I would hope everyone in my group would have the decency to at least humanize the question first. But as we all know…it’s going to have to be an instant decision. That decision will have to be supported. Questioning these decisions will result in indecision. I have spoken to my group and we have some general rules of engagement. There are always going to be gray areas. I will trust the decision the particular person makes at the time unless I start seeing a particular pattern of unnecessary violence.

As to the point of posting people to watch over the child, that’s a 24 hour job. That means you have to take two people away from other necessary tasks to watch a child that you cannot trust for days? Weeks? Months? I’m not saying that this is the wrong thing to do…just saying it may not be feasible.