Yea Carpedebass, definitely you need to do something with that fuel storage, “mask” it with something or similar. Husky gave good idea about that.
Point is that when SHTF lot of people simply will remember that fuel storage, and think about what else interesting you have, so minimize further damage and do something about it.
About fireman and deputy, it is important how detailed you talk with them about it, I mean things to consider are:

1. Fireman- trust me, very rarely people just lay down and die, he (most probably) will want to live and survive when SHTF, so I think he will come to look for you, to join you when SHTF. It is up to you what you gonna do then.
Fireman have lot of great skills for sure.
2. Sherrif s deputy- “he is just hoarding ammo”, maybe he will try to get everything else when SHTF with that bunch of ammo, if you understand me. He also have skills for that.

I suggest:

    Remove (or cover, or mask) that fuel storage
    Be prepared to accept or not accept fireman when SHTF
    Be ready to “outgun” deputy when SHTF (if he choose to get your stuff)