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Good stuff Freedom! Great awareness and great job simply by making a decision!! I have a similar story that is going to “tell on me” a bit…not in a good way either.

I pulled into a gas station to air up a tire in a predominately Hispanic area of a large city. When I pulled in, I had to wait on a group of Hispanic guys airing up a trailer tire. When they moved on, I pulled up to the air station, got out and began airing up my tire. I was completely target fixated on that tire and the business at hand. While squatted down, airing it up, I noticed out of my peripheral vision, a Hispanic male standing just behind me waving a large pipe wrench. I immediately drew my FNX 40, broke off the X (stepped quickly to the side and away from him) and presented the barrel end to him. The poor guy had apparently dropped the wrench when they were airing up the tire on the trailer and was trying to let me know that he was getting it from just behind my car.

Had I been more aware, I’d have seen him approaching from the beginning and could have avoided the entire incident. To this day I feel sorry for the poor guy. I think he had to make a run into the men’s room afterward.