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I know that many here have not been in a violence encounter, I have not been in one. I carry a gun everyday for the last 6 years. In the city you do find your self in areas were you may need to pull in out.

I will tell you a story about two of the only times I had to pull my gun out. One was a night I went to see the tax accountant in his office that was located one block from the city holding jail. There way a lot of trees next to his office and I an on the phone calling my wife to tell her that the accountant was not in the office and to please call him. Well when I look up I see a 6’4″ or taller black man come out of the trees and him is coming at me fast. I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him. He didn’t even give me time to say anything before he just turned around and when back into the trees. It all happen so fast. This is the way it always happens fast and unexpected.

The second time I had to pull my gun was a night that my wife and I went to the groceries coming home the house we lived in had a circular driveway so when I drove in on the other side a car with two men drove in right up to the front of my car. I told my wife to get down then I opened the door with my gun out and pointed the gun right at them and told them what do they want and to please put there hands were I can see them. I told them to not make a fast move because I will shoot. They told me they were looking for an address and gave me an address that was a block away so I told them they were not on the right street. At the time I didn’t own a cell phone so we went in the house and called the police. We gave the police the address they had given us. The police told us that there was no house with that address. The police went all over the area looking for them and never found them.

So you can see the two were fast and in minutes if you are not ready to take action you may end up dead.