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I can see your point, 74. Ambushes are a special type of problem. I guess that’s why they’re so effective. There are ways of training startle/response. I am looking into that now. Just not sure if it’s really possible to train that because you are mentally prepared for it. Even in oppositional force training, your mind is prepared for something to happen. Definitely an issue. Ideas to deal with that?

I sincerely hope I do not come across as a “know it all” or an “expert.” To me those type of people gave up on improving themselves the day they decided that nobody knew more than they do. I define an “expert” by breaking down the term into two syllables. EX-SPURT- a has been drip. =-)

I just hope to learn by putting things out there, creating discussions and, hopefully we can add something to the mix that may just save someone’s life some day. Heck! Maybe my own.