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Cogent points and reasoning here both ways. I like that people are thinking and reasoning through it rather than jumping out there with, “I’ll just shoot ‘em” type responses. The idea to this exercise is to get people thinking and mentally preparing for the things that may, or may not come down. Yes, the situation is going to be fluid. There are many, many variables but don’t you think there will be many unknown variables at the time as well?

My point in all this is really not to have you answer my dilemma. I apologize for being a bit,,,let’s say…misleading. I still haven’t answered this dilemma for myself, but that’s my job. Not yours. The point is, quite simply, that we should all be not only physically preparing by stocking up, training, getting into shape, etc. But mentally preparing as well.

There are far too many scenarios that could happen to cover everything, but this type of mental preparation trains our brains and mental faculties to deal with situations like these. I am in hopes that I am never faced with the scenario as listed here. But thinking these things through is a serious game changer by getting ourselves ready to make decisions. I was trained that in any situation there are three possibilities for a response or decision. They are listed below in order of the likelihood of bad things happening as a result,,,
1. The right decision/response.
2. The wrong decision/response
3. No decision/response
This is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes the correct decision is to do nothing. Sometimes making a decision to do nothing is, after all, making a decision. But what I’m talking about here is the wishy-washy indecision that scenarios like the one listed in the first post can cause. The idea is to make a decision and stick with it. This type of mental training will hopefully make this easier when the time comes. I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me when I was taught it.