I won’t hazard a guess at the cause, but I have observed a couple of things.

People aren’t fixing the older or broken guns, they are getting new.

My last couple of classes (ccw) have had people new to shooting that I would have never expected. Some with rainbow tattoos, some with the significant other, some with their kids.

No pattern or definable group but a much larger diversity of people, especially from the left of center.

If there is one consensus, it is that something just isn’t right.
Not just politically, but socially.

Right now there hardly seems a state where something bad isnt happening, beyond the hatred of police and politicians.

Things are spinning faster and faster, with no obvious end in sight,.

Be it economic, political, what have you, people everywhere are feeling the strain.

Checking with some LE friends, business is good, too good.
More and more people aren’t able to deal with the daily stress and are having to figure things out with the help of Ofc Friendly.
Too many people.