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You were a model of restraint freedom, but it was best to let them talk and then come to you.

My liberal anti-gun wife is not so anti-gun anymore and rather than not wanting to talk about it as had been the case, now she is interested to hear what my son and I have to say about gun rights, govt. motives with gun control, and the true nature of much of the gun violence in the country (urban gangs, drug-related etc). The woman who voted for ‘Bams twice is no longer a fan of his.

My liberal son-in-law who owns no guns thinks it would be good if when his girls become teenagers that I teach them how to shoot. Hopefully he’ll come around soon on learning how himself. I think he wants to but just hasn’t voiced it yet. His friend next door is career military so there is some influence coming from that direction too. He too has grown disenchanted with ‘Bams.

I otherwise haven’t detected much change with folks I know, but as a general rule I don’t bring up the topic anymore.