The scary part 74, is when other people contact you and ask When do you think it is going to go down? What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Then you realise that you are not imagining things – It is real – and it is happening … Everything will fall apart in Southern Africa. We also provide our neighbouring countries from electricity – That thought hit me hard today.

Also the horrible thought that drains might just reverse itself – and everything can flow back into my house in the city.
I also had a discussion with a person that said He is “so tired of all these people that has been buying can food – And in how many years nothing has ever happed – What is wrong with you people?”
I was a bit dump struck at first – and then realised There is still people that is not aware what is happening in South Africa. With the electricity going off daily and there being no cell phone reception often. Even the internet slows down to a halt
To keep calm and warn the people you care for.. all I can do. And do what I need to for myself and child first. Direct family doing the same.