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I was reading a story about a couple of hikers from Quebec getting lost on Mt. Marcy recently. They reached the top and then got lost somehow…. in the clouds whiteout, no marks back to the down trail, treeless area, no compass or gps or map. No snowshoes. I’m not sure if it snowed but eventually they had to descend. No way to stay on an exposed face of a mountain. They took the scary option of going for a gully. They got down far enough and found wood for a fire and stayed up all night in the below zero temperature. The rangers saw their smoke the next day and rescued them The register your hike book saved them. Their only real alternative would have been to hike crawl back to the top of the mountain and find the right way. They were no worse for ware and tear and learned the hard way.

january 2015

The story does say they were headed for another trail when found, but with no map they were still lost. The air search spotted the smoke and then they were spotted. Doing a self rescue lol.