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sledjockey, Good topic for a post. Here is what happen to me. My wife parents have every year a Christmas party were many of my wife’s side family members go. She has a big family. There is a family member with his wife which I never talk politics with because I know for a fact that they voted for Obama and are more to the left wing type so my wife tells me to no talk politics with them.

Well I was floored when his wife out of no were tells another member that I know is also a Obama lover which I was right next to the two and says to the other family member that she better take her money out of the banks and keep it at home in a safe. My wife is looking at me like please do not get into this. Then the other one says why would you have a problem with the banks? She tells her well the dollar will collapse soon maybe one to two years from now and when it does you will not be able to get your money. Then came what I almost had to drink a full glass of water to keep my self from talking, She says this has turned into a communist dictator(Obama) with doing whatever he wants with executive orders going around the law and congress. Remember just 6 years ago she was a die hart left wing Democrat which has now taken a 360 turn.

I still have not said a word. Then her husband which is the family member of my wife walks over and says to me, I am thinking of buying a gun what do you think. WHAT!! Well I told him you know I own many, he says that is why I am telling you that I what not just a hand gun but a shot gun too!

We talked fro the rest of the party, his eyes were big looking at me, every word I said he was recording in his head. Told him to start with a 9mm and a 12g shot gun. Then came the bad news were he just looked at me like he had an idea but needed someone close to tell him. I told him that the money out of the bank and guns were not going to save him or his family.

I told him to start buying food in cans and rice and beans to start the storing of food. Showed him how to do it. Then we talked about water and water filters.

We now email each other once a week.

The other left wing Dem in the family still doesn’t believe but sees her self as the only one left and may change in time.

I think that this trend is happening all over the country.