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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>wildartist wrote:</div>It shocked me during my recent OK CCW course: In this state, I cannot defend anyone other than my immediate family, employee (!) or employer (:p) Even grandchildren are not covered. If I see someone getting beaten or raped or threatened with a firearm, I cannot come to their aid. They are changing some laws as we speak, but this is ridiculous.

The instructor gave us a way around the grandchild thing, however: Your presence is Threat Level One (LE Scale). If I step near the incident and protest vocally (no threats) and the attention is diverted toward me, if it is considered an assault (verbal threats with apparent ability to carry them out), I may defend MYSELF. Legal weirdness…. That’s why lawyers are rich…

People with small business establishments are getting guns for self defense. They’re being robbed like crazy. Also people are being shot frequently on the street. A girl in a park here was shot in the head by someone in a vehicle 300 feet away. She’s dead. Mother of two kids… dead. These are mostly black crimes. Its impossible to keep track of all the people defending themselves. People involved in shootings are shutting up. They’re not calling the cops and if they go to the hospital it becomes a drive by or accident. The twisted legal system will make anyone they can get their hands on into an assailant if you volunteer. Don’t be a volunteer.