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Freedom, I am already saving seeds and regularly cultivating seedlings – we are quite picky in choosing e.g. peppers (mine is a bit masochist family, so they have to be flaming hot), a particular type of sweet but fleshy tomato, broccoli, beet, lettuce, cucumber, dill, parsil, an almost perfectly orange-coloured carrot, etc. besides, seeds can be insanely expensive. We have a small strawberry parcel, and a fig tree, too, and a great walnut tree, a smaller almond tree, which is starting to bring fruit, and my father built a hen pen, but is it used as a storage now (my eldest sister also moved home). We have place for a few hens, now, at least (I helped to build a few more cages). Main worry is, that our boxers think they are hounds, and the last two time a rabbit got loose, they ended up catching them (in a heartbeat, expertly), breaking their neck with a small move, and proudly bringing them to the family member present. We also had a very strange illness in the rabbit pen, with only 3 survivors (and no small bunnies! We couldn’t even eat them!), and the vet said that even with the vaccines, it might happen again.
The problem with growing food is that it demands really much time and work, and most of us works overtime, in insane schedules, and on alarm at every time. We acquired the ‘expertise’, and at least our crops are quite good, but we would need a much bigger garden to be near self-sustaining, and more workforce (which, as you pointed out, can be got with the promise of food).
We also have a crazy old witch for a neighbour, who, while growing flowers and a few fruits for selling, barks at us every time we work in the garden, and in the past poisoned our cats and dogs… so she is out of the picture.

The rural relatives… well, I’m not really sure I want to bug out to them, they are loud, and would spill the beans (literally and figuratively) way too soon. A possible bug out location might be my grandpa’s vinery, but it is really small, and not well-equipped (while I might be able to convince gramps that the storage etc might be needed). Also, it is too close to the city, in a rapidly urbanizing little village.

It might sound like a joke, but I consider my previous workplace a much better bug out location. It is a military memorial park, on the hilltop, farther away from the city, but still could be reached in an hour on a bike, has a real trench, an old tank and some artillery, and a well-hidden barrack with a proper officer’s shelter. The place contains loads of military equipment, fake and real, generators, a well-equipped workshop, and could be easily fortified (even with the battle-reenactment supplies). One of the buildings has a vine cellar, which could function as a shelter, and has a well-built fireplace for cooking. There is a big storage place, and even a spring nearby, plus a small lake. The park itself is in the woods, which is rich in edible mushrooms, nice berries and other fruits, and thanks to the rangers’ efforts, even deers. On another hand, the woods also have foxes in them, and golden jackals (they are nasty, even if right now they are only robbing our garbage containers). There are also cultivated vineries, crop fields, and a few farms nearby, with various animals. In the WWII, the place where the MMP is now was a real outpost, and in the revolutions, there was a famous battle there – so the downside is, the area itself is strategical, and the traffic is easily controllable. There is only one way in for vehicles, and one for bikes, but there are several small, and quite hidden tracks, which is not really good, but you could place a few guard here and there, and they could control the whole place. If I could afford it, I’d still like to choose a place like this.
Sorry about that. Daydreaming.

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