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Thanks, Brulen – and actually, I own several knives, all sharpened by my whetter grandpa, and a well-shod boot. What I don’t have is an adequate body mass, and the proper training to use it. I am fast and flexible, but not long ago a close call showed me that if a big guy can grip me, only luck helps ( in that case, the fact that he was drunk, and was in inequal footing). In that particular case, I had to use several hard kitchen utensils, and after fleeing, five well-trained friends.
I also regret the fact, that while I’m trying to learn, I am still terrible at reading people. I envy one of my acquitances, who managed to create a well-knit, small, but judging from the skill ensemble, a very effective community – at the other end of the country. It took years for him, so maybe I am not without a speck of hope.
Other question, after reconsidering everything. Is a woman acceptable as an organizing force? Now I am facing some prejudice in my line of work, but in previous experience, most of my subs didn’t have a problem with my gender. Age was a more serious problem (I’m really babyfaced). Since I am considering to create a community, I am really afraid of this…

"just a little girl"