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Freedom, we have a well for irrigation, and I have a small stock of water purification tablets and a few water filters, not really military grade. I’d need a real job to afford better. But I am now officially trained in the purification means, and I will stock up on medical grade pure carbon, according to CP, it is the best to use. And since I can start a fire pretty fast (I got a striker, waterproof matches, and several lighters), in the end, I can always boil it after a nice carbon straining. I am looking for tips to provide something like this in an EDC.

MountainBiker, I am jealous. We also had a neat supply of eggs, milk and meat, but as soon as the old lady died, her family couldn’t keep up without her, and now we only get straw and rabbit food from them. Pity, I really miss the fresh, not-skimmed milk. Now we buy from another place, but it is farther away, much more expensive, and I suspect they skim the milk, unless my butter/cheesemaking skills went downhill suddenly. Beef is important to get from a place you can trust. I also think the gun rights rally was important, too. I’d be more confident if I could use/get a gun, but I just got off the phone with one of my dad’s colleagues, and he promised to introduce me a few lighter weapons, unofficially, glasses be damned.:D

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