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MountainBiker, the problem is, we are scattered. Half of the closer family lives in a suburban area, the grandparents are in downtown, and a small part lives farther in a rural area. We have no ‘fort’, and the ones who live in the rural area are laughing off any possibility of a catastrophe. My closest family (mum, dad, sisters) lives in a suburban house, with a small backyard and garden, and while we cultivate the garden, there is not even nearly enough food from it for 6 people. We have rabbits, and considering some hens, but with the dogs it is really hard (on a side note, I’d never guessed that boxers can hunt this well). Noone is armed here, most of the population cannot get weapons, and we are the odd ones with my father’s service firearm and a few non-fuctioning “museal” weapons. Clean water is also a though point, we have a well, but since it is not too deep, the water is really bad, might even be polluted, and while we have the means for purification, I am uneasy using it for anything else but the crops. There is a watercourse through my city, but is really far away from where we live, and also could be polluted (factories), so our best bet is rainwater (for which we have barrels, and I currently arguing for buying a cubic water storage unit). One of my worries is that we live near the main firefighter station, a military barrack, and a hospital, but these are also nice targets while being generally a good thing. A really big shopping centre is also nearby, and could be reached on foot, but we also have well-maintained bikes, and most of us is fit. We also hoard firewood (we have hearths downstairs), and a city park is nearby. My main bet would be bugging in, if SHTF, but I am a bit worried about being in an urban scenario. Given that there is 5 women in a house, and one of my sisters (not even the prettiest one) is a famed beauty, that might be understandable. Most of the people I could think to recruit either lives farther away, and/or don’t give a damn about possible problems. I might be panicking over nothing, but I’d hate to suddenly find myself in a SHTF situation, and not to be prepared… and I’m not prepared.

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