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I reorganized my own non-edible stock, boxed the candles, checked the batteries, refilled the sweets and the medicines from vitamins to painkillers, and added some items to the first-aid kit, and – no joke- included rubbers. Repacked the BOB with my new gadgets, and refreshed my EDC.
Reorganized my workbench, and reordered the dwindled supplies. Made an inventory of my products, and my tools.
Added 3 new rabbits to the pen. Made a list of the stored edible items, and what needs to be refilled/acquired. Planned a new storage unit for the kitchen, and ordered the necessary wood panels.
Went mad when everything accomplished got turned upside down with sis and I switching rooms and a broken water pipe downstairs.
On another note, I started to work on my district’s plans. So next month, I will heroically battle with the chaos both in work and at home. I will also have to make notes from my CP education papers, and update the old ones. Yay.

"just a little girl"