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This is an interesting question, and in my area, it is a hard one. I, for myself, don’t really like people, and according to some, have a mild AS, but I’m reasonably good in working with them, and with hard work, I developed fine communication skills. But I’m recently started my own small business, and noticed that most of the people are not to be trusted, not even in small fields, not even some old friends. But from my education, I do understand that to be efficient in SHTF, you will need a tight-knit and very organized, very good equipped community.

I am currently aiming to reorganize the volunteers in my district, reapporting the personnel and the technical tools, but it is really hard, and some people, while seemingly eager, already turned to be useless, or – in my precedessor’s case – are simply not qualified anymore as acting personnel because of health issues. I am working with what the local civil protection officers recruited or appointed, but if you yourself aiming to be efficient, it will be very hard to become this alone. In most scenarios, you will be forced to vegetate lonely, and may become overwhelmed with the task – not even geniuses are exempt from this. But if you are not alone, you will have to choose carefully. I am not talking about only recruiting healthy people, but if you know that someone can be a slacker, then maybe you have to reconsider him/her. For one, while I have some very good friends, most of them are not on my list in case of SHTF, simply because they might not be helpful, or just proved that they cannot be trusted in every field.

But if I take my closer family, then I have at least 4 people for canning and dealing with food (and almost all of us can cook), 3 for gardening, 3 who are good in masonry, 4 who won’t shy away from woodwork, 4 who can make clothes from scratch, 2 for protection (and I’m currently training to be better in this), 4 with quite good medical know-how, an engineer, 4 who is in agriculture, and even good with animals and bees, one who can make knives (and most of us are quite handy with tools), one electrician (and 2 other who dabbles), and that’s actually just 10 people. But we still lack many skills, and are not funded very well. If I were really hardcore in prepping, I would recruit more people, but there is the trust issue. I also don’t really know how many people is needed for a self-sustaining community, and frankly, I don’t think I would fare well without electricity. I think I could do jacksh*t alone, so I’d like to aim for a prepping community, but with the general mistrust here, I am pretty much screwed…

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