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Lucky me, my mother understands that we need to prep, but I think we have the wrong approach. My father and sisters think mom and me are nutjobs for outwardly saying we are prepping, but my eldest sister just moved back home, and even she had food for a few months, water for a few weeks, water purification pills, a proper first aid kit and medical cupboard (completed with medicine for her dog for a year), and a pre packed (by herself) trekker kit which substitutes quite well for a BOB, and my maternal grandma is almost the same. Most of my young friends, on the other hand, don’t think you should have food at home for more than 2 days, and while my best friend has almost every flashy gadget in the prepper set, still didn’t think about stocking his shelves, and got snowed in with minimal food. My father has to keep a bag which could be used if he gets an emergency alarm, or a longer than usual shift, and he thinks it is BS, but was very happy with a small gadget that includes 10 surviving tools. So it is a really confusing picture… and I think I know why I might be in the wrong. First of all, while we have a rich pantry, with jam, canned fruits, tomato juice, dried vegetables and lecso (a kind of vegetable dish) for years, most of the food we are stocking are borderline useless – most of the family doesn’t like lecso, for example, and while the jams and fruits are delicious, we seldom eat them. I think if I am able to move from home, I will only stock food that I actually eat:) From now on, it will be easier to reason always keeping a few tools and devices in my purse, along with my gas mask, and a fully equipped BOB – it is actually a job requirement.:D
Still, I don’t know how to reason with the friends who doesn’t understand we live in a fundamentally wrong place, and family who think there won’t be any problem. They fail to think about that emergency here could mean a nuclear catastrophe (from 3 places nearby), flood, earthquake, but even losing a job or getting snowed in… sorry, I’m ranting. So, it is always the same. We are insane, clearly:)

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