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verde, 74 wants the freedoms given to all of us by the U. S. Constitution which is not given to us right now. Those freedoms do not have anything to do with what support families give each other.

For example France and Australia have freedoms but there is no freedoms for the people to protect them self’s fro criminals or terrorist. The people do not have the freedom to buy and own a gun. The criminals and terrorist can bring into the country guns, weapons of war, drugs, and really anything they want. But the people have only one option which is to call the police and wait to be saved which we all saw how good that worked out.

The other problem with these countries is that if they get invaded by another country there is no way for there armies to stop it and the people can’t help them. Another big reason for our 2nd Amendment is that the government if it wants to control it’s people here in the U. S. this will be very hard to do. So the 2nd Amendment keeps the government thinking before it turns on it’s people.

There is no perfect freedom but the U. S. Constitution is the best the world has seen for the people.