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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>Those with yhe cash have always had getaways, some just better stocked for emergencies rather than entertaining.

As to other countries, what does $500k get you here versus Belize?<br>
Or Argentina?<br>
Nebraska vs California?

Make your choices and go for it.

1 million will get you a nice little one bedroom condo in Nyc with a view of the Hudson. I don’t think the rich have any idea what to stock up on in those places. Everything comes in as its needed, just in time. While they don’t stock up themselves they employ someone to do it and that other person makes the choices. The nuts and bolts of the practical world are beyond their competence. Most of them know or can figure out how a system works but to alter it and adapt it to their needs ha ha ha,
completely out of their depth. They go to Renta-Bunker when the shtf.