Had one of the first 2000’s, with the aluminum frame.
It was surprisingly accurate once the trigger pull was fixed.
The recall was on the firing pin block sticking/failing.
Typical with new designs, it had a few teething problems, the extractor had to float for one, when it got stuck or crudded up, it had issues. Mags were assembled backwards, and the like.
The ‘bushing’ when tightly fitted worked fine, loose like any design will give accuracy problems.

Didn’t say I didn’t like the BDM, just said it was complex inside.
And a lot of people didn’t like the ‘lightness’ of the gun, compared to other designs of the day.
The one I had was beat up but accurate.

A number of designs, such as the H&K VP-70Z, were innovative and ahead of their time.
The front sight of the VP was almost impossible to damage, was completely snag free despite having a perfectly square black ‘picture’. Being the first successful polymer framed gun, it may not have been pretty but it worked tremendously well once the trigger was smoothed or lightened.