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Yes it will be quite a storm with some parts of New England getting up to 3 feet of snow with the worst of it stretching from the Metro NYC area to the Metro Boston area (and north up the coast. That corridor is home to well more than 25 million people in densely packed cities and suburban areas. Up where I live this storm won’t be a big deal, maybe a foot of new snow, just enough to make it postcard pretty, but not so much as to be especially problematic. I need to go to an important gun rights rally about 75miles from here tomorrow and will just need to go slower is all. Bloomberg & friends have targeted VT and are pumping lots of money into the State trying to force upon us new guns laws via solutions looking for a problem. Our current near lack of gun laws in combination with being the least violent State in the country does not fit their agenda, and they (Bloomberg etc) don’t like it.